In Love Again

(c)2007 – MJD

I turned around and you were there

And now I see you everywhere

H’ comes that feelin again… Ya, I feel it again.

I’m on the outside lookin in

You call me up, I go down again

Goin down again (for you) ya I’m down again.

You don’t choose love it chooses you,

I wish I knew just what to do

And I don’t know what to do about you.

As I build this little world around you.

As the fantasy came fast, the reality won’t last…

Fall in love again… Ya, I’m love again.

When we first met we were just friends

And out of nowhere it begins

Somethin deep inside. Ya deep inside.

The feelin there you by my side.

We rode the storm t’the other side.

And it’s warm in here. Wanna stay right here (with you)

I don’t believe it but it’s true.

I wish I knew just what to do.